Plated Guard
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Type Regular enemy
Weapon Pinion
Armor Dark Plate
Helmet Dark Plate Helm
Found in Infinity Blade II
Plated guard

For the Blood Sentinel, see Blood Sentinel II.
The Plated Guard is a titan that appears in Infinity Blade II and III. He equips the Dark Plate, the Dark Plate Helm and uses the Pinion as a sword. Along with the Exo-Pilot, the Shade and Ryth, he is one of the few Regular Male titans that do not use a shield along with their weapon.

One Plated Guard appears before the second seal where there is an option to go right and fight the Behemid after defeating the first Titan.

Plated Guards reappear in Infinity Blade III, able by then to use Light, Heavy or Dual fighting styles, wield any standalone weapon and shield and change in between disarms. Their voices also change to be more humane. The Plated Guard recycles all his fury chains when using Heavy weapons, and the Light and Dual weapon class fury chains aren't too impressive either.

Dialogue (IB2)Edit