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Poison Scythe (IB1) Poison Scythe (IB2) Poison Scythe (IB3)

Poison Scythe (IB1)
Type Weapon
Price $945,000
Sells for
Attack stat +140
Bonus PoisonIB1 +160
XP to master 6,500
Equipped by Plated Sorok (possibly)
Found in Infinity Blade I
Multiplayer Stats
Attack +40
Element PoisonIB1 +20
A curved scythe forged using ancient metallurgical methods, combined with a mystical fiery gemstone.[src]
The Poison Scythe can be purchased in the Store for $945,000. It has +140 Attack and +160 Poison. It takes 6,500 XP to master. It is the most powerful poison weapon in the game, and one of the most expensive.

In the Infinity Blade Instruction Manual, this weapon is wrongly shown as the Bronze Scythe, with +160 Fire, instead of +160 Poison.

It looks quite similar to the weapon equipped by the Plated Sorok.


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