Potion Combinations in Infinity Blade III and informationEdit

Potion TypesEdit

There are a total of 10 ingredients that can be collected, which can be found randomly throughout the world. Ingredients include blueberries, blue butterflies, green cactii, green reeds, red flowers, red mushrooms, yellow cocoons, yellow bones, rare bulbs, and rare roots.

Top 10 Potion Combinations:

  1. Health Replenishing potion: Two blueberries and two blue butterflies. Gives 250 health points per second, 2500 health points per second if potion potency skill is unlocked.
  2. Spectrum Defense: One of each ingredient on left side.
  3. Spectrum Attack: 10 rare roots
  4. Block all attacks: 5 red mushrooms (WARNING: May not work but good chance of success)
  5. Titan Break +1: 2 red mushrooms (WARNING: 50% chance of success)
  6. Titan Break +2: 2 red mushrooms and 2 green reeds (WARNING: May not work).
  7. Second Chance (get back up if depleted health): 1 rare root, 1 rare bulb, 1 blueberry.
  8. Perfect Parry Stun for 3 seconds: 1 rare bulb and 3 green cacti
  9. Unlimited Dodge: 3 green cacti, 2 red flowers, 1 yellow cocoon, and 2 blue berries (WARNING: May not work).
  10. Gold bag boost: 10 yellow cocoons