Potion Combinations in Infinity Blade III and information Edit

Potion Types Edit

There is a total of 10 ingredients that can be collected. The first one is called a blueberry and looks like a tree with light blue blueberries. The second is called a blue butterfly which looks like what it sounds like. The fourth is called "Green Reeds". The third is called a green cactus. The fifth is a red flower. The sixth is a red mushroom, the seventh is a yellow cocoon, the eighth are yellow bones, the ninth is a rare bulb, and the tenth is a rare root.

Top 10 Potion Combinations (starting with number 1) Edit

  1. Health Replenishing potion: Two blueberries and two blue butterflies. Gives 250 health points per second, 2500 health points per second if potion potency skill is unlocked.
  2. Spectrum Defence: One of each ingredient on left side.
  3. Spectrum Attack: 10 rare roots
  4. Block all attacks: 5 red mushrooms (WARNING: May not work but good chance of success)
  5. Titan Break +1: 2 red mushrooms (WARNING: 50% chance of success)
  6. Titan Break +2: 2 red mushrooms and 2 green reeds (WARNING: May not work).
  7. Second Chance (get back up if depleted health): 1 rare root, 1 rare bulb, 1 blueberry.
  8. Perfect Parry Stun for 3 seconds: 1 rare bulb and 3 green cacti
  9. Unlimited Dodge: 3 green cacti, 2 red flowers, 1 yellow cocoon, and 2 blue berries (WARNING: May not work).
  10. Gold bag boost: 10 yellow cocoons

Warning: These may require some skill unlocks but some don't. Edit


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