The prize wheel.

Prize Wheels are items that can be bought at the store, found in chests, or dropped as loot. They come in three "sizes" and will give various items. The larger the prize wheel, the higher chance there is of winning an expensive item (like the Infinity Blade).

To use a prize wheel, press "use" in your inventory, then spin the wheel. If you do not spin it with enough power, you must spin it again.

Some people in the past, however, have complained that these prize wheels are fixed and that you can only win certain prizes rather than the ones displayed. Nothing on this issue has been confirmed though. Some items in the prize wheel are harder to get than others. Usually when the wheel has been spun, the outcome is most likely going to be a red upside down triangle.

Prize Wheel Edit

Prize Wheels cost Gp-icon.png 7,500 and give a low chance of winning an expensive item. These prize wheels frequently appear in chests or as loot from enemies. They are red in appearance.

The player starts with 3 Prize Wheels in their starting inventory.

Big Prize Wheel Edit

Big Prize Wheels cost Gp-icon.png 30,000 and give a medium chance of winning an expensive item. They are blue in appearance.

Rare Prize Wheel Edit

Rare Prize Wheels cost Gp-icon.png 125,000 and give a high chance of winning an expensive item. They are yellow in appearance.

Clashmob Prize WheelEdit

Clashmob Prize Wheel is a new type of Prize Wheel only rewarded in certain Clashmob events. So far two have been revealed. This Prize Wheel gives the player a list of items depending on their level. It chooses one of the Clashmob prizes.

Gem Wheels Edit

Gem Wheels are different types of Prize Wheels. They can drop Gems instead of items. There are two different types of Gem Wheels.

Ordinary Gem Wheels can be bought for Gp-icon.png 50,000 and give you new gems. The sell value of these gems will most often be between Gp-icon.png 25,000 and Gp-icon.png 50,000, but rarely, the wheel can yield rare gems (sell value Gp-icon.png 500,000).

Big Gem Wheels can be bought for Gp-icon.png 700,000 and give you high end new gems (capped gems, unique weapon type gems, etc.).

Infinity Blade IIIEdit

Prize Wheel: 100 chips

Big Prize Wheel: 300 chips

Rare Prize Wheel: 600 chips

Gem Wheel: 40 chips

Big Gem Wheel: 250 chips

(new) Rare Gem Wheel: 1000 chips

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