Rare gems are gems that have additional features than normal gems. Most of the gems listed below should be forged while some should be won on rare prize wheels or rare gem wheels. There are several rare gems:

  • Rare Defense Gem - Grants defense from all elements (spectrum defense).
  • Rare Spectrum Gem - Grants spectrum attack.
  • Rare Darkfire Gem - Grants spectrum attack.
  • Rare XP Gem - Grants the player 1,000 XP for every hit.
  • Rare stat gems - Grants 250 or more points to the shield, health, attack, or magic stats.
  • Rare elemental attack gem - Grants 500 or more elemental attack points.
  • Parry All Attacks Gem - Lets you parry any attack from any enemy, including monstrosities.
  • Titan Speed Gem - Slows down the Titan's speed by a certain percentage.
  • Bonus Slash Gem - Gives the player an extra slash per heavy weapon combo.
  • Rare Treasure Gem - Cannot be mounted but can be sold for Gp-icon.png 300,000.