Razor golem

Information Edit

The Razor Golem is a staff-wielding Large enemy found in Infinity Blade III. It is usually found in the rebirth chamber at the plains of Koroth or at the Metius Observatory (reached by the using The Map to Heaven).

Fury Chains Edit

The Razor Golem sports some particularly deceptive and rapid fury chains. One fury chain is a recycle from the iron lancer that involves a stab, kick, and then swipe (from the top left of the screen). Another fury chain starts with a feint slap from the right, then proceeds with a stab and forward smack; these two quick moves are succeeded by a swipe from the top left. In the third fury chain, the Razor Golem fires off four rapid slaps from the top left and ends the chain with a stomp to the center (that is worked very well into the movement of the arms and therefore follows the slaps very quickly).


Oh no.

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