Rebirth chamber

Raidriar's rebirth chamber in Infinity Blade I.

Rebirth Chambers are advanced machines, housing clones a.k.a. bud of a Deathless so in the event of death, the Deathless's QIP will go to the clone, instead of wandering aimlessly. They have also been referred to as resurrection chambers and Phoenix chambers by Donald Mustard.

Infinity Blade IEdit

After defeating the Deathless Kings, you gain access to Raidriar's rebirth chamber, where the Zero Mech and Archarin is fought.

Infinity Blade: AwakeningEdit

Isa mentioned that she had come across one when she was lost, and this would later come to use, when Isa shot Siris with a crossbow to stop his permanent death due to the Infinity Blade. Raidriar also uses one of these, after being defeated by Siris.

Infinity Blade IIEdit

Siris awakes in a rebirth chamber after every death. This rebirth chamber is near Saydhi's Estate.

Infinity Blade IIIEdit

There are several rebirth chambers in Infinity Blade III. The one in the Hideout is used by Siris and Isa. There is also an old and barely functioning rebirth camber in the Plains of Koroth that was used to resurrect Souless Ausar.

Known UsersEdit

  • Siris: Unknown rebirth chamber, near Saydhi's Estate and later in the Hideout
  • Raidriar: 7th Temple of Reincarnation, plus others
  • Thane (Most likely, as he was atop The Tower waiting for Siris)
  • Isa: Rebirth Chamber in the Hideout

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