Siris holding the Redeemer.

The Redeemer is a device found in Infinity Blade III. It has the function to clear a person's memory by scrambling the target's QIP and causing them to be reborn as a child.

History Edit

The Redeemer was originally made by the Worker of Secrets or Galath to betray Ausar by having his memories wiped and causing the events of Infinity Blade to transpire so the Blade could be activated. In Infinity Blade III, Siris finds the Redeemer in the Archive with the help of TEL, and he uses it to clear Galath's memory, ultimately defeating him and thwarting his plans. At the end, a child, who is the reborn Galath, is building a sand castle that looks like the Ark.


  • The title of Infinity Blade: Redemption may have been based on this device.
  • The Redeemer has a similar design to the Ark, supporting the fact that the Worker was its creator.
  • One of the reasons Siris used the Redeemer on Galath was because he believed in redemption, given the fact he used to be the very evil Ausar the Vile until Galath used the Redeemer on him, Siris had a point.
    • The other reason was because as Galath had created the Infinity Blade, he had built in a safeguard that meant the blade would not kill him, leaving the Redeemer as Siris' only way of stopping him.