Rune Map
Rune map open
Type map
Reward Gp-icon.png , Key, Prize Wheel, or Regen Potion
Price Gp-icon.png 750,000
Added in v1.3
Found in Infinity Blade II

The Rune Map is a map found in Infinity Blade II. It shows the large tablet with pangean words where the Archivist is found. When used, it reveals three chests, of which one can be chosen. The rewards from the chests rotate in predetermined sets of 3, which are listed below:

  • Gold: The 3 chests contain an amount equal to Gp-icon.png 1,000, Gp-icon.png 10,000, and Gp-icon.png 100,000, each in a different chest.
  • Keys: The 3 chests contain a small, medium, and a large key.
  • Potions: The 3 chests contain a normal and large regeneration potion, as well as a normal gold chest drop.
  • Prize Wheels: The 3 chests contain a normal, big, and rare prize wheel.

The chests' rewards are in a predetermined rotation. If you receive a reward of gold, then you are likely opening the gold set of chests and if you use the 'kill app' trick to get all 3 rewards, you will receive the gold. If you receive a prize wheel, you are opening the prize wheel set of chests, and etc. The rotation goes keys -> wheels -> potions -> gold -> keys.

There is a trick to access all three chests at once. Go to the Archivist's room, then tap on a chest as normal. Immediately after you receive your item, go to your home screen on your mobile device and kill the app from the taskbar. You can also go to another profile and then return to your profile. Then do it again. Open up Infinity Blade II once more and repeat. When you access the third chest do not kill the app again. Just collect the third item and the game will continue normally.

The Rune Map is special because the player can use it multiple times on end each rebirth. Because this can be used without end, It is the most expensive map in the game.

Siris' ObservationEdit

"Perhaps this was meant for me..."

The Rune Treasure chest
Rune treasure map

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