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There are three seals guarded by the blood sentinels that must be unlocked before the Vault of Tears can be opened. When a seal is unlocked by Siris, he dies and is reborn.

  • Seal1 - The Archivist's seal, found at the top right of the tree
  • Seal2 - The Stone Demon's seal, found at the bottom of the tree
  • Seal3 - MX-Goliath's seal, found at the top left of the tree

Tree of SealsEdit

The "Tree of Seals" is a representation of the three seals, and where they are positioned relative to the Vault of Tears, which is located in the center of the tree. The Archivist's seal and MX-Goliath's seal are located at the top left and right of the tree respectively, as they are positioned leading off of the clock room. The Stone Demon's seal is at the bottom of the tree, as well as literally below the tower.

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