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The Seccian Desert is a desert in Infinity Blade III, and the location of Act II: Buried in the Past. Isa travels there to find the Worker's hidden Infinity Weapons at an excavation in the desert. The boss of this area is Terrovax, High Lord of House Burke. The Seccian Desert is also the location of the Vault of the Infinity Weapons. The first interlude (called The Stockpile) is where the player can go to retrieve the Original Infinity Blade.


  • If you have all Infinity Weapons, you can return to the Seccian Desert and retrieve the original Infinity Blade from the Vault of the Infinity Weapons. There are also four locked rooms with treasure in them. The player must have Grayson, Cuttle, Seratic Armor equipped, and Raam equipped to open all four, which means the player must use both Siris and Isa to open the gates. Once you get into one of the four locked rooms, you can switch back to the weapons/armor you had before.


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