Secret Challenges
Infinity Blade has 7 secret achievements

Pen Is MightierEdit

Earned by killing an enemy without attacking, even during the finishing bonus.

TIPS: This achievement can only be completed by attacking with magic. Be careful not to slash in your finishing bonus. It is highly recommended that you do this with a normal (and easy) enemy, not a boss like the God King.

Insult To InjuryEdit

Earned by killing the God King with Ruin (the weakest sword).

TIPS: This achievement is easier with a high attack stat and a low-leveled boss, so it is recommended you try this with a NewGame+.

Won't Back DownEdit

Earned by killing an enemy without dodging or blocking.

The only way to earn this is to parry every attack you can and just get hit by the attacks you can't parry.

In NewGame+ it is easily done because you can simply scratch the Rookbane to death with The Infinity Blade.

Not In KansasEdit

Earned by seeing the alternate ending.

A third of the way through the battle against the God King, tap him to join him, instead of picking up your sword. After the credits play, you will start over just before the battle.

Delved Too DeeplyEdit

Earned by reaching Bloodline -10

Use the tutorial trick to reach the Negative bloodlines, then play normally until you reach Bloodline -10.

All Good Things...Edit

Get the final ending of the game(killing Archarin).

Master Your DomainEdit

Defeat all the Deathless