Rare spectrum gem damage

Rare spectrum gem is 5000 on a solar trans blade

The Rare Spectrum Gem grants the user +500 spectrum damage, meaning that nothing except spectrum defense will block it, and bosses which have spectrum defense take 1/10 of additional elemental damage. This can be counteracted by using a Solar Weapon due to the Attack Gem boost on all 3 Solar weapons. It sells for Gp-icon.png 500,000, but the combined cost of the nine gems needed to forge is Gp-icon.png 9,000,000 (the combined sell value being Gp-icon.png 4,500,000). Also, if you want to skip the forging time, you'll need Gp-icon.png 11,400,000.


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NOTE: The Rare Spectrum Gem cannot be forged in IB3. As such, the below recipe uses the forge instructions for capped elements in IB2.

  1. Forge together three +400 fire attack gems to produce a rare +500 fire attack gem.
  2. Forge together three +400 water attack gems to produce a rare +500 water attack gem.
  3. Forge together three +400 ice attack gems to produce a rare +500 ice attack gem.
  4. This should produce three which should be forged together in this order: Fire - Ice - Water
Fire sgem
Ice sgem
Water sgem
Light sgem


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When used in a solar transport energy blade, the beam keeps on changing color.

If it is put in a normal weapon, the hit effect is similar to that of the Lady Finger. When it stabs, it has the Infinity Blade's stab animation.

It will not work if the fire, ice and water gems are not rare +500 gems or they were put in the wrong order. If so, the resulting gem will not be a Spectrum.

If 3 Rare Spectrum Gems are forged, the result is a Rare Spectrum Gem with +1000 damage, or 10000 damage on a solar-trans blade (right). The forging of the resulting plus +1000 gem with two subsequent +500 gems results in another +250 per forge (eg. 1000+500+500 >> 1250)(bottom-right).

Both the Rare Spectrum Gem and the Rare Darkfire Gem have a 10% successful effectiveness against bosses with Spectrum defense. The Solar Transport Energy blades provide damage amplification that helps counteract this, rendering them very effective against the Deathless for +1000 Spectrum or Darkfire gem.


  • In Infinity Blade III, on the 10th of December 2015, in commemoration of the fifth anniversary of Infinity Blade, a ClashMob that rewarded a Rare Spectrum Gem was held.
1250 rare spectrum

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