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Storm Paladin
Iron Paladin
Type Large enemy
Subtype Paladin
Weapon Sword of Storms
Shield Odin Guard
Found in Infinity Blade I
Infinity Blade II

The Storm Paladin is a paladin found in Infinity Blade I and II; however, in Infinity Blade II, it is called the Iron Paladin. It wields the Sword of Storms. It always has Shock attack and resistance. This particular enemy gives you less Finishing Bonus XP. It is also unclear why the other members of the Paladin family were not included in the second game. The player is not recomended to use a shield to fight him (except if the shield has shock resistance.) In Infinity Blade 2, the Storm Paladin sounds like a Marrow Fiend.

The Storm Paladin appears on Round 5 of Survival Mode.

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