The Su'unaw is a Large enemy found in Infinity Blade III. It has spike-like bumps on its back, and is equipped with Dual Weapons. This enemy is supposedly extremely rare.

It possesses one recycled fury chain and two unique fury chains. Its simplest fury chain is reused from the Iron Butcher and can be avoided easily with three jumps (Isa) or ducks (Siris) if the player equips dual weapons. This fury chain may also be parried on the first swipe.

One of its unique fury chains is most unusual and very deceiving. It consists of the Su'unaw rearing up and charging at Siris or Isa only to fake it off and feign attacks from both swords. It ends the chain with a surprise three-hit flurry from its swords. The player can try to predict when it will hit and luckily dodge or parry the attack (recommended only after the player has seen it in action at least once), or simply equip a Light or Heavy weapon and hold Block.

The third fury chain starts off with the Su'unaw moving to the left side of the screen. It swipes first from the bottom left, then jumps up and spins around to perform two swift slices from the upper left.