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The Super Move is an advanced move, along with Magic. It can only be used if Siris has obtained the Super Attack skill. The Super Move is a move that contains slashes and stabs. The player must tap on the sword icon on the upper left side of the screen to activate the move. The move can only be activated if it is charged, (charged right, uncharged left). To charge the move, the player must get hit or hit the enemy. There are also super move charge gems and potions. After activating the move, the player must complete a set of slashes/stabs+slashes/stabs called the super move chain. After successfully doing the stabs and slashes, the player can perform a mega hit. After completing the super move chain and the mega hit, the enemy breaks and you can hit it.

A Charged Super Move Icon
IMG 2578
Siris Doing The Super Move

Mega Hit Edit

A Charged Mega Hit Icon
A Uncharged Mega Hit Icon

The Mega hit icon needs to be charged before using it (uncharged image left ,

charged image right).The Mega Hit charges when the player does a successful super move chain. When the mega hit is activated, the player hits the enemy with a lot of damage (the greater raw damage your weapon does raw, the greater damage the mega hit does). You can only use the mega hit if Siris unlocked the Mega hit skill.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a glich with the super move: when the player taps on the super move icon, the first move is an automatic stab, not done by the player. After that, the player does the super move chain, but the mega hit doesn't charge. After completing the super move chain and the break, the player only sees the uncharged supermove icon, but not the block and/or the stab icon.
  • Before doing the Mega Hit, the titan is stunned,so the player can attack it is recommended that you do 2-3 hit then the Mega Hit, to optimize damage per super move.

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