The Survival Mode is a gamemode in Infinity Blade I. You can play it when you tap on the Infinity Blade Icon at the top of the display. In the window it pulls up, there will be a few options, click on "Arena-Mode" on the right bottom and then on "Invasion" on the left sight. Now there will be a menu with all the equipment that can be used during the fights in this mode.

Gameplay Edit

You are playing Siris at one of the following randomly selected locations:

At the beginning you have 2000§ and you will get more 2000$ for each round you have won. But if you get damage, you won´t have full-hp in the next battle. Yo can´t get EP so the only chance to get lives is to buy a better armor. And if you die, the game will reset the survival counter and you will play at a new location, starting the game again (obviously at Round 1).

Equipment Edit

Your basic equipment is a Steel Sword as weapon, a Wooden Shield as shield, a Steel Helm as helm and a Leather Armor as Armor. You arent able to use any rings. Your basic equipment is highly upgradeable. You also can sometimes choose from some items after upgrading all equipment at least once:

Click here to go to a Google Doc with in-depth details about every equipment item curtesy of ExoChorda.

Opponents Edit

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