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Talon (IB1) Talon (IB2) This item is not in IB3

Talon (IB2)
Sword Talon
Type Dual weapon
Price $700,000
Sells for $175,000
Attack stat 375
XP to master 17,000
Circle gem 1
Square gem 1
Triangle gem 1
Found in Infinity Blade II
A crude yet effective weapon, curved and deadly.[src]
Talon is a dual weapon with +375 attack. It has one triangle gem slot, one circle gem slot, and one square gem slot. This weapon was introduced in the 1.3 Skycages update and can be won by defeating Xyloto

Unlike its predecessor from Infinity Blade I, It is one of the strongest dual weapon in the game and reappears as a dual weapon instead of a light weapon.


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