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Tempest (IB1)
Shield Tempest
Type Shield
Price Gp-icon.png 1,420,600
Sells for
Gp-icon.png 355,150
Gp-icon.png 710,300
Shield stat +80
Resists Light LightningIB1VampireIB1
XP to master 10,100
Equipped by Zero Mech
Found in Infinity Blade I
The Tempest is a shield that can be bought from the shop after defeating the Zero Mech and going into a New Game+ or going into the negative bloodlines and buying it in the store. The shield can be bought from the shop for Gp-icon.png 1,420,600 gold. The shield is part of the equipment the Zero Mech attacks you with. It adds 80 points to the shield stat and has lightning, drain and light resistance. It requires 10,100 XP to master. It has the highest shield stat of all shields.


Tempest (IB2)
Shield Tempest
Type Shield
Price Gp-icon.png 260,300
Sells for Gp-icon.png 65,075
Shield stat +80
Resists LightningIb2 Light
XP to master 20,000
Found in Infinity Blade II
Tempest is a shield found in Infinity Blade II. It increases the Shield stat by 80 and protects the user from Shock and Light attacks. It can only be obtained from prize wheels, large chests, ClashMob events, or in NewGame+.


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