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Silversabeasts’s NewGame+ Guide For Infinity Blade II

Hello guys, this is my master NG+ guide for infinity blade 2! I hope you enjoy this guide and I hope it helps you on your quest through NG+!

I have been playing almost exclusively in NG ever since I had the ability to, and have reached level 3,000, so I should be able to give you a bunch of useful pointers!

Section One: Explanation And A Couple Basics Edit

1A: What Is NewGame+?

NewGame+ (Commonly abbreviated “NG”) is one of the two main game modes in Infinity Blade 2. (it also exists in the first game, but thats a different game)

The purpose of the game mode is to infinitely level your character, and I mean infinitely. There is no limit to how far you can go. This is the main allure of NG. Want to have 20,000 attack points on your base character? You can.

Now how do you infinitely level? Well when you start NG for the first time (how to do so comes in a little bit) you lose all your items. EVERYTHING is gone except your base stats and IAP gold. Although your original game slot will still be available to play, so go back to that if you want to use your stuff.

When you lose your stuff it becomes available to remaster, which means you can level more than you can in the original game. In the first NG you can only remaster items once, but you can go into more NG’s to open up more mastery levels of all the items.

1B: How To Enter NewGame+

This is pretty simple but still hard to find. Chair doesn’t really explain this well. Once you beat the god king (raidriar) NG+ is available. Finding the option is the tough part. So once you beat the GK, simply go into the options menu (gear in the pause menu)>character slots>and there should be a NG+ button right under your original slot.

Before you tap this button make sure you are ready. NG is tough if your character isn’t leveled a little. Once you tap the button your original stats are copied and pasted into your NG slot, so if you want to level a little more and build some power, don’t press the button yet. My recommendation is that you reach level 60 or higher before you enter NG, unless you are experienced.

Once you beat the first NG (by killing the GK) A new one will start, rinse and repeat. You can keep going forever.

Section Two: Leveling, Gaining Gold, And Grinding Edit

I want to get this section out of the way now because it applies to almost everything I say in the following sections, and is the most important and useful one.

These are the three main skills you need to have in NewGame+. Leveling is a little more prominent but gaining gold can be used for levels, so it applies as well. Grinding is how to balance the two effectively.

2A: Leveling

There are a couple things that will increase your leveling speed.

- XP+ Gems: There are two kinds. The rare XP gem that awards 1,000 XP per hit (made by forging three rainbow defense gems, and colored orange with a hexagonal shape) which is only practical early on in the game, And the real useful ones; The green hexagonal ones. These are the most useful gems in NG. They increase your XP intake by a set amount, which is capped at 125%. The most you can equip at a time is 2, (by using a paga circle/iridix/gem circle coupled with an armor with a hex slot) which means if you have 2 XP+ 125% gems you can increase your XP intake by 2.5 times. (250%)

- Killing Ryth: This enemy was introduced in 1.3, and he remains one of my favorite to fight. He gives out TONS of XP, especially if you have 2 +125% XP gems and equip an XP potion. He gives me about 7-8 levels if I meet all this criteria, and will still give out a ton of XP if I don’t. (Please note that other bosses give a lot of XP, (like the skycages bosses) but Ryth gives the most)

- Don’t Get Lazy: Keeping your NG number low to make enemies easier will slow down your leveling a lot. As you keep leveling up the XP bar keeps requiring more and more XP to fill up, and keeping titans XP drops relatively low will slow you down a lot.

- Spend All Your Money At The End Of An NG: Once you beat the GK and are about to enter a new NG, it’s a good time to spend all that unused cash to master items for more XP. Since you lose all your non-IAP gold once you end an NG, there is no reason to waste your money by not spending it. Sell everything you can for more cash; Gems, equipment, everything. This will obviously get more money for you, allowing for more mastering and subsequently, leveling.

2B: Gaining Gold.

There are a few ways to increase gold intake.

- Gold+ Gems: Like XP+ gems, these increase the quality of gold drops by a set percentage. (capped at 37%) These are also hexagonal in shape as well, so you can still only equip two at a time, meaning the true cap is +74%. These are most useful when opening chests, and more specifically, large chests. If a large key costs 1 million gold, you should get about 2 million out of the chest provided you have 2 gold+ gems equipped.

Like XP gems, these also have two types. The other gold+ gem increases the chance that drops from chests and enemies will be gold by a set percentage (capped at 400%) these gems are diamond shaped, so you may equip them alongside gold gems.

- Treasure Maps: These don’t ALL help you, but some do. Some give large keys, which are incredibly useful. The ones that help you are below: (credit to tukeykramer)

a. Key Treasure Map: This map gives out not one, not two, but three keys! Large, medium, and small in that order. This map is obtained in the store for just 8,000, and is well worth it. The location is on top of thanes tower. Just look to the right and tap the pillar. This map gives a large key on thane V1, a medium when its a normal titan up there, and a small key when thane V2 is up there.

b. Old Treasure Map: This map gives out a large key. It is obtained randomly and the location is right outside the castle to the right of the entrance. (on the ledge)

c. Etched Map: This map is obtained through a small chest, and its location is in the archivist room. Once you beat the enemy right before the archivist look all the way to the right. It is on the stone slab leaning against the wall.

- Opening Chests: I mentioned this in the gold gem section, but it’s worth mentioning again. Chests make you huge amounts of money if you have the right things equipped. (gold+ gems, gold drop+ gems)

Obviously you will need keys to open chests, so here is a guide for where to find keys (by ruggedland)

Here is a list of places (or occasions) where one can get a key 100% of the time in each NG:

- RB1. Small key from the chest after killing the first enemy (Horned Wilding). - RB1. Thane V1. Medium key near the chair to the left of Thane. (not obvious at all, thanks to the forum for the tip) - Any RB. Small key to the right of Archivest (found mid-way through the cut scene prior to the fight). - Any RB. Medium Key drop after killing "the Beast" in the arena for the 1st time. - Any RB, Large key from killing MX-Goliath. - Use Key treasure map, get a key each time you go to top of the Thane tower (look and click to your right). Large key for the first time, medium second, and small key third.

Here are the additional places/occasions where a key can also be found (and the approximate chance)

- In the beginning of any RB. Small key lying on the ground near the lower-left corner of the screen. <10% - Any RB. Small key from the chest near the castle gate after killing the second enemy. 10-20%. - Any RB. Small key lying on the ground near the chest to your left before or after killing the second enemy. <10% - Any RB. Key drop after killing the second enemy near the castle gate. I have gotten small, medium, and even one large key (after killing Fel Siren). Very rare. <5% - The side entry in the plaza (where the enemy drops down from a hole). One can get a small key from either key drop or the chest. 10-20% - Any RB. In the Library hallway. Lying on top of the railing to your right. 10% - Any RB, The chest to the right after entering the open arena. 10%

2C: Grinding.

This is a combination of XP gain and gold gain and how to balance the two effectively

The first thing you should know is that you should have two “sets” of equipment ready for use. An “XP” set loaded up with XP gems and mostly unmastered equipment (if your paga circle, iridix, or gem circle is maxed out it’s still best to use it rather than switching to a ring without a hex slot), and a “chest” set loaded with gold+ and gold drop+ gems. Use the XP set for all your fights, while using the chest set when you open chests. (surprise, surprise) This balance ensures the optimal XP/Gold balance.

The next thing you should know is what path you should take around the castle in your “rest” NG’s. (these are the ones you spend significantly more than 5 RB’s in) Of course you should still kill all the blood sentinels before starting this path. Once they are all dead, you can start this path:

1. Go straight to the courtyard. (dragon statue) 2. Go into the library. 3. Once at the end of the library, go right into the archivist room. 4. Open the large chest in the archivist room. 5. Once out on the “patio,” go into the hallway leading to the MX-G hangar 6. Open the large chest in the MX-G hangar. 7. Beat Thane on top of his tower. 8. Go down to where the worker of secrets is imprisoned and open the large chest there. 9. Let Thane kill you to end the RB. 10. rinse and repeat.

This path gives you the best XP/Gold/Time ratio. Other paths may give you more XP per rebirth, but this path will give you much more XP per hour than those paths. There are a couple diversions you can make on this path to make it a little better:

1. Go into the valley at the beginning of the RB. 2. Go to the right in the courtyard, then come back out and continue as normal.

These diversion may offer you a little more XP, but just a little more. Take them if you like, or not. They don’t offer too much of a difference.

Section Three: Beginning Your Quest In NewGame+ Edit

3A: How To Start Off NewGame+ The Right Way

A lot of players are turned off to NG because they think it’s too slow. While it’s certainly fine for people to prefer and play the original game mode, I want to make sure they see the full awesomeness of NG before they call it quits.

So how should you play NG? I’m about to tell you.

When you start NG you begin in Saydhi’s garden. Just like the original game. But this time you only have the starting equipment. (you also get the starting dual and heavy weapons)

For Saydhi’s garden, just fight normally. Get through as fast as possible. After that, well that is where the real stuff begins.

Once you enter the castle, beat the blood sentinels as fast as possible. Then relax in your NG just building power (how to do so effectively comes later) and having fun of course.

3B: The First Two/Three NG’s.

These you should take very slow. If you don’t, you will hit a wall of difficulty and likely quit NG without realizing its full potential. The first two or three spend at least 10-20 RB’s in each one. This will build power and keep you interested.

Remember to follow the path I outlined above and get some XP/gold gems and start grinding away.

3C: After The First NG’s.

Now what to do after the first two/three NG’s? Well you will most likely want to start rushing some NG’s. In these try to finish everything as fast as possible. You can actually complete these in just 4 RB’s by using a little trick. on the second RB, kill the stone demon. After killing him you will see siris about to stick his arm in the sacrifice stone. Exit the game before he does this and close it from the multitask bar. Re-open the game and you can continue the rebirth up to the MX-Goliath!

After about three of these rush NG’s you can slow down and start grinding again for one NG. Rinse and repeat. As you continue this process of rushing/resting, remember to continue to increase the number of rush NG’s you do before you have a rest NG. This will ensure you continue to level effectively.

Section 4: Equipment. Edit

What is the best equipment to use in NG? Well that is kind of subjective; master the next item available. But there are a set of items that have the most XP and have a hexagon slot for gems. This set is the gem set. The set of armor obtained by entering negative rebirths. Remember if you started your NG before obtaining these items, they will not be available in NG.

If you want to obtain these items in NG you must get them in your original game and then start NG. If you want a video tutorial on how to enter negative rebirths just click here.

These items have tons of XP and the ring has a hexagonal gem slot. They are perfect for NG.

But mainly you should just master whatever is next. Except for rings. Always use one of the rings that has a hex slot if you have another XP gem to place in it. Even if its mastered it is still worth it in terms of XP gain.

Section 5: Allocating Stat Points. Edit

This really depends on the weapon class you use, so it’s hard to give a definitive answer to this, but here is an outline for each weapon class and a few bonus ones.

Dual: 90% into attack, 10% into health. (nothing in magic/shield)

Light: 80% into attack, 10% into health, 10% into shield. (nothing in magic)

Heavy: 60% into attack, 20% into health, 20% into shield. (nothing in magic)

All Three: 60% into attack, 30% into health, 10% into shield. (nothing in magic)

Attack Only: As you can probably tell from the title, 100% into attack (this works best with dual) This is the one I use as well, as I barely ever use light/heavy.

Section 6: How To Avoid Boredom. Edit

Even though I LOVE NewGame+, I will be the first to admit it can get extremely boring early on. Once you break that first stage of boredom you should be fine, but here are a few tips to help you in case you can’t shake the boredom.

- Randomly reallocate your stats once in a while, this will spice up the game.

- Change weapon classes sometimes. Although I don’t get bored with dual, some people may. Change to another weapon class for a bit to stop the boredom assault.

These tips should help you avoid boredom, but I’m sure you have your own for stopping it. Share them in this thread for all to see!

Section 7: Thanks To Contributors! Edit

I just want to take a minute to thank everyone who has contributed to the production of this guide for newgame+

NiiLoc ericmurphy gr00veholmes ruggedland tukeykramer Vile Majesty

I know there are others, please tell me if I missed someone!

A Few Last Words:

This game mode, like any other game mode is meant for fun. If playing like I have showed here isn’t fun for you, then don’t play that way. This is simply an outline for what I have found to be very helpful in NG, and you may play very differently and not want to follow this outline. Play how you want and don’t let anyone else tell you differently.

Have fun!

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