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Thark Armor
Armor Thark
Type Armor
Price 15,000
Sells for 3,750
Health stat 2 (100 hp)
Dodge points 13 (15 Dual) (?)
XP to master 15,000
Hexagon gem 1
Diamond gem 1
Found in Infinity Blade II

Thark Armor is an armor available in Infinity Blade II for 15,000. It provides a bonus of 100 health and 13 dodge points. It is configurable with one hexagon gem and one diamond gem. It takes 15,000 xp to master.


The Thark Armor has a higher dodge boost than any other armor in Infinity Blade II.

The Thark armor has the lowest health boost of all armor, not counting the Gem Armor (which grants no health boost at all).

The Thark Armor, together with the Tarkas helm, gives a bonus of 100 per Slash.

This armor reveals that Siris has several tatoos.


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