The Dark Knight
Dark Knight1.jpg
Type Large enemy
Weapon Aeternum
Shield Aegis
Found in Infinity Blade I
Infinity Blade II
Infinity Blade III
Multiplayer Stats
Attack +40
Bonus FireIB1 +5
Chain +3
Speed +2

The Dark Knight is The God King's personal champion and his last guard in the standard bloodline. He wields a black Aeturnum and Aegis. If the player is defeated by the Dark Knight in the tutorial battle and presses "restart castle", they will begin at Bloodline -1. In Infinity Blade II and Infinity Blade III, the Dark Knight becomes a random encounter after a certain number of rebirths has occurred. He appears in Round 15 of Survival Mode.


  • In Infinity Blade II, the Dark Knight is not shown to be alongside the God King during combat, but is seen in the cinematic towards the end of the tutorial.
  • The Dark Knight has the same voice as the Marrow Fiend when fighting the player in Infinity Blade II.
  • In Infinity Blade III, however, its voice changes again to that of the Wretched Hob.
  • There may be numerous Dark Knights, as Infinity Blade: Awakening stated; "Twelve knights in black armor fell behind him (the God King) as he strode from the room."
  • In Infinity Blade III, the Dark Knight becomes a sort of mini-boss, with spectrum defense and the ability to send you back to the Hideout after death.
    • Similarly, his level will remain lower than other titans on early Deathless Quests, making him rather fragile early on.
  • Despite being a mini-boss in Infinity Blade III, the Dark Knight is a lot weaker than the regular enemies in New Game+ and later.
  • In the intro tutorial for Infinity Blade, once the player gets the Dark Knight's health below a certain point, the cinematic with the God King will play. If the player is able to get the Dark Knight below the health trigger (about 50 hit points left or less) the game will glitch and the God King cinematic will not play, freezing on a close up of the Dark Knight.
  • The Dark Knight's name is in reference to the Dark Knight Trilogy.