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Warning: Spoilers/plot details follow.
The God King

The Deathless are a biologically-engineered immortal species that inhabit the world of Infinity Blade. A Deathless can be biologically or physically humanoid, as with Siris, or like a different lifeform, as with Gortoel. Deathless individuals possess the ability to transfer their QIPs, or souls, into new bodies upon termination of life functions. Some Deathless are known to maintain Rebirth Chambers in which they can be reborn after death. However, three ways to kill Deathless permanently have been revealed, such as a fatal strike from the activated Infinity Blade, "QIP deactivation", an example of which is shown by the Worker of Secrets in Infinity Blade II, or destroying every available body and Rebirth Chamber, as the Worker of Secrets explains to Raidriar in the beginning of Infinity Blade III.

There are several Deathless factions. Thane, for example, is a part of House Ix, one of the Deathless Houses. Raidriar operates another affiliation known as the Pantheon.

The hologram,that shows the earth and destroyed moon, which in IB3 will be called 'Heaven' by Lelindre


Not much is known about the history of the Deathless, though it is evident through the use of holographic projectors and "deadmind" computer systems that the Deathless come from a time or place with very advanced technology. In Infinity Blade: Awakening, it is noted that, thousands of years ago, the Deathless used "armor that worked like a machine". The Deathless now use simpler armor so that battles are based on skill rather than technology.[1] It is possible that Infinity Blade takes place in the far future, due to the hologram of Earth with a destroyed moon and the nature of TEL.

In Infinity Blade: Redemption, it is revealed that Galath did in fact create the Deathless from workers in his company. He uses biological engineering to create them, as shown as when he turns Uriel's son Jori, later Raidriar into a Deathless.

In IB3, the Worker of Secrets takes credit for creating all the Deathless, and for having the ability to destroy them too, as demonstrated when he kills Thane in IB2.


They are immortal—truly immortal. They need neither food nor water to live. They do not age, and their bodies heal if wounded. Chop them to pieces, and their soul will seek out a new receptacle to be reborn.
Kuuth, Infinity Blade: Awakening

Deathless individuals do not age, possess greatly enhanced healing capabilities and physical attributes, and can survive without typically life-sustaining air, water, or food.[1] They do, however, need to excrete waste, as shown in Infinity Blade: Awakening, when Siris finds the toilet of the God-King. The only confirmed ways of killing Deathless are through the use of the activated Infinity Weapons, the use of the technique used by the Worker of Secrets to kill Thane, or killing them and denying them a body to return to.

Despite the supported claim that Deathless do not age, it is stated in Infinity Blade: Awakening that Ausar was reborn into a child's body multiple times, eventually to reach manhood and fighting the God King. It is also stated by TEL that Ausar once grew old and had children, one of which was Archarin. Either this is an inconsistency in the novel, the Deathless must take extra unmentioned measures to avoid aging, or it is possible that TEL could cause Ausar to age to a point.

It seems that Deathless individuals possess greatly enhanced agility and prowess. One ability unique to Deathless is the practice of "the Patterns of True Swordsmanship", designed to eliminate multiple opponents in a short amount of time. In Infinity Blade I and II, Raidriar can be seen leaping great distances. Also, Siris can safely drop from the bridge leading to the Stone Demon, a height that would kill or severely disable a normal human, or in Infinity Blade III, he was dropped by the Dragon from a few hundred meters high, and not only survived, but was able to still attack it.

It is known that a mortal can become Deathless, though it is not known if all Deathless were once mortals. The child of a Deathless can steal his or her immortality, which makes many Deathless wary of reproduction. The God-King himself was once a mortal known as Jori, until he died and his father, Uriel, begged Galath to save him, thus transforming him into a Deathless.

Notable Deathless

Siris or Ausar The Vile: The main protagonist of the series and the player's character. He was known as "Ausar the Vile" in his previous lives. Ausar's memory was wiped out by the Worker of Secrets when he used the Redeemer, making him unaware of his state as a Deathless. He now aims to free the world from the grip of other Deathless. In Infinity Blade II, he is imprisoned with Raidriar in The Vault of Tears for two years. He was soon released from the prison by Isa.

Isa:  A protagonist of the series, whom Siris met in Infinity Blade: Awakening. In IB2, she saves Siris from being killed permanently by shooting him in the head with an arrow. After Siris gets captured and imprisoned into the Vault of Tears, she spreads stories of Siris to create a rebellion against Galath. She frees Siris (and unintentionally Raidriar) from the Vault of Tears. In Infinity Blade: Redemption, she was made a Deathless.

Raidriar or The God King: The main antagonist of the series, encountered as the final boss of both Infinity Blade I and II. He is also known as the God King because he ruled over Lantimor before being defeated by Siris. In IB2, he is trapped with Siris in Saranthia. He managed to escape by slitting his throat when Isa opened the Vault, but was killed by the Worker of Secrets in the beginning of Infinity Blade III.

Galath or the Worker of Secrets:  The creator of the Infinity Blade and the Deathless and the main antagonist and final boss of Infinity Blade III. He appears to have profound knowledge of the Deathless because he has created them. He was once trapped in a prison called the Vault of Tears by Ausar, but he tricked Siris into taking his place there. In IB3, he was confronted by Raidriar at his stronghold, and Raidriar noticed that Galath created more Infinity Blades to further occupy the Deathless. He also noticed that Galath was planning to burn this world just how he and Ausar burned it countless times. He asked Raidriar to join him, but ended up killing Raidriar after Raidriar transported Galath's datapod filled with his plans and mysteries to his own stronghold at Larioth.

Thane: A Deathless featured in Infinity Blade II which resides at the top of the Tower. He claims to uphold the Great Pact by guarding the Vault of Tears. Thane is a member of House Ix, one of the four Deathless Houses. He tried to disarm Siris and to stop him from releasing the Worker. He was "truly killed" when The Worker interfered in battle by destablizing his Quantum Identity Pattern. However, in Infinity Blade III, Isa's second boss is his QIP abomination. This is a failed attempt by the Worker to utilize remnants of Thane's QIP and create a Soulless copy of Thane.

Saydhi: A Deathless information dealer in Infinity Blade II, encountered in her estate. She was killed by Siris using the activated Infinity Blade, thus ending her immortal life.

Ryth: A powerful Deathless known as the Deathless Blademaster.

Lelindre: A Deathless, known as the Mistress of the End, who refused Galath's plan for salvation and stayed behind to burn. She appears in IB3 and wields The Infinity Daggers.

Oslim: A Deathless, known as the Deathless Bloodmage, that was told by the Worker to slay Siris/Isa. He appears in IB3 and wields The Infinity Swords.

Minnoch: A lesser Deathless found attempting to conquer Raidriar's domain, specifically Drem's Maw. He is killed by Isa.

Zuorsara: A Deathless High Priest of a cult dedicated to resurrecting Ausar. He is found in the resurrection chamber under the statue at the Plains of Koroth. He is killed shortly thereafter by Isa. His current status is unknown.

Deathless Kings

Ealoseum: A golden-armored Deathless located in the temple of Lantimor dungeon.

Kuero: A hooded Deathless located in the dungeon.

Gortoel: A troll-like Deathless located in the dungeon. He was Galath's bodyguard when Galath was an inventor.

Infinity Blade: Awakening

Therin or the Killer of Dreams: A Deathless found in the coliseum north of Raidriar's palace, also known as the Killer of Dreams. He is known to be antagonistic to Raidriar's Pantheon. He appears in IB3 and wields The Infinity Spear.

Infinity Blade: Redemption

Ashimar: A Deathless who was once the friend of Raidriar known as Jarred. He duels Raidriar in the Worker's stronghold and is killed permanently by the Infinity Blade.



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