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Map of heaven

The map to heaven in the inventory

The Map to Heaven is a map that is obtained by defeating Lelindre with Siris. It does not yield an item, instead it reveals a secret part of the Metius Observatory. Along with the Map to Heaven, you need to acquire the Blade of Heaven and the Axe of Heaven and equip them to access the hidden pathway. This map will never have "found" in front of it's name because you can always return to the Metius Observatory. After visiting the Metius Observatory for the first time you do not have to equip with Axe/Blade of heaven to enter the Observatory (even after killing the Worker of Secrets)

The hidden location is where Varun, Watcher of Heaven, will be found.

Winning the fight against Varun (as Siris) will reward you with The Origin in a chest, which is the Worker of Secrets' (spare) suit of armor.