The Pantheon is a league of seven Deathless led by Raidriar. The purpose of the Pantheon is unknown. All of the Pantheon members are bosses in Infinity Blade III, though some are Soulless Deathless or a Q.I.P abomination. Following the events of Infinity Blade III, the Pantheon has been officially disbanded.

  • Raidriar, The God King (deceased)
  • Ashimar, The Sorrowmaker  (deceased)
  • Lelindre, Mistress of the End (deceased)
  • Terrovax, High Lord of House Burke (alive)
  • Thane, High Lord of House Ix (abomination)
  • Melek, Warlord of House Ix (deceased)
  • Saydhi (deceased)


  • The Pantheon is also the name of a community club operated on the official forum.

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