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Plains of Koroth

The Plains of Koroth is an open grassy area with statues of five men holding down a horse with chains. The Phoenix Chamber, an ancient chamber where Soulless Ausar was created, is located inside the statue of the horse. This is also an ancient battle ground where Ausar was hunted down and killed by Raidriar.

History Edit

The Plains of Koroth is an open plains in the Planet, where in the past, two great Deathless warlords fought and in the end, Ausar the Vile was hunted and killed by Raidriar in battle. Unknowingly, Raidriar had used the Infinity Blade with the Redeemer in the blade, therefore didn't kill Ausar directly, but leaving him to be revived as a child, however to everyone else, it would have seemed that Raidriar killed Ausar and created the statues of five men holding down a horse with chains and created the Phoenix Chamber, presumably to put Ausar's body to rest. After Ausar, known as Siris, defeated Raidriar and freed the Worker of Secrets, Siris plans to redeem his past self by creating plans for a city where mortals are free from the Deathless. Not much else, is known what happened to the city.

Infinity Blade IIIEdit

The area was added to Infinity Blade III in the Ausar Rising update. Isa traveled there to investigate the rumors of Ausar's cult. The boss of this location is Zuorsara, High Priest of Ausar's Cult. Isa saw a body with the Vile Armor set on it, confirming the existence of Ausar's cult, but not explaining how the body or the armor got there. After defeating Zuorsara, Isa awoken the body, known as Soulless Ausar, as he remembers himself to be Ausar, not realizing that the real Ausar is redeemed as Siris. Soulless Ausar then kills Isa and proceeds to wreck havoc aroun the area and went to Raidriar's old citadel to face the person that woke him up.


  • There appears to be an massive unknown building in the distance. It is to represent the next phase of Siris' plan for redemption - to build a free city where mortals could live without the oppression of the Deathless.