The Shrine
Shrine panorama
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The Shrine is a small room in the Tower of Infinity Blade II that contains a set of powerful pieces of gear locked in cells. These cells can be unlocked with specific weapons. The item required is displayed on the front of each cell door.

The Holy BandEdit

Warning: Spoilers/plot details follow.

When the full Vile set is acquired (with the Vile Blade), you can tap the location shown in the Vile Map to enter a hidden area in the chamber with a statue of a man and a woman. The man, later known as Ausar, is wearing the Vile Armor, and a glowing ring is shown levitating in the hand of the woman. A short cutscene will play in which Siris recalls some tragic event from his past. He hears a woman's voice saying "Ausar, I love you", and then "Please don't go". There is the sound of swords clashing, followed by the woman telling Ausar that he's become a tyrant. Siris walks behind the statue to see a dagger in Ausar's hand.

The woman begins screaming, presumed to be the wife of Ausar, is heard. As Siris looks away painfully, TEL remarks that the memories found in the area were meant to remain hidden. The Holy Band will then float down into Siris's hand and as the camera pans out, he hears the repeated words "I love you". It is then given to the player.