The Vile Map
Type map
Reward Holy Band
Price Gp-icon.png 1,000
Added in v1.2
Found in Infinity Blade II

The Vile Map is a map the is only found in Infinity Blade II, added in the Vault of Tears update. It is required to unlock the Shrine and obtain the Holy Band. Originally, it was simply purchased for Gp-icon.png 1,000. However, with the Skycages update, it is no longer purchasable. Instead, it is obtained by defeating the Keeper the first time the player enters the Shrine.


To unlock the Shrine, you must first equip the Vile Blade, Vile Shield, Vile Helm, and Vile Armor. Once all of these items have been equipped, you can go to the Shrine and tap on the statue's neck. This will cause the tomb to rise, revealing a hidden chamber. Going down will reward you with the Holy Band.

The vile map location

Siris' ObservationEdit

"Somehow that armor is linked to the shrine - I can feel it..."

Update InfoEdit


  • Can no longer be purchased.
  • Must equip the Vile Equipment to unlock the Shrine.