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    01:06, March 22, 2014

    i use helio plate with 6750 health,i battle mx-goliath level 100 with 8000 health but i can't seem to defeat him.his attack that i hate is he do 2 attacks then he hug me 2 times,anyway to beat him?

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    • Dual weapons. The more you play, the more familiar you'll become with the monstrosity attack style, which mostly involves ducking and the occasional sidestep. The basic stomps, slow stomps and lunges are the only things that need to be sidestepped. You appear to be having difficulty with a two-hit slap followed by a double hug. Duck all of it, and attack. Helio Plate is great as it gives you many dodge points and plenty of health, ideal for this battle most especially.

      Just keep practising. Once you're familiar, you'll evade instinctively and crush the MX Goliath with ease.

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    • thanks,now i have defeating him not using the dual weapons.i'm proud to cause i keep dodge break and he drops large key.once i go to his place or ryth,i open the large key then i get 120.000 money (large key can help me buy the lockjaw)

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    • Use regens at full healy.that should do the trick.

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    • Get real good, then get good equipment.then he is nothing

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