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Torren's Legacy
Sword TorrenLegacy
Type Heavy weapon
Locked Yes
Price Gp-icon.png 700,000
Sells for Gp-icon.png 175,000
Attack stat +1,300
XP to master 17,000
Gem slots Fire sgem Combat tgem Combat heavygem
Found in Infinity Blade II

Infinity Blade III

Torrens Legacy is a heavy weapon obtained by choosing to spare the Iron Hunter when you encounter him in the skycages area. Siris meets the Iron Hunter at the beginning of the next Rebirth and receives it as a gift.

This does not occur if the player kills the Iron Hunter on the way up to defeat Thane for the second time unless the player is killed by Thane. This starts the next Rebirth, and the Iron Hunter appears as described above. If Thane and Raidriar are defeated and the game is finished, a new cycle will start and the Iron Hunter will not appear.

In Infinity Blade III, Torren's Legacy is a weapon that is won from the Collector at level 12500.

Torrens Gift

Bugs and GlitchesEdit

  • Before v1.31, a game breaking bug would occur if a player spared the Iron Hunter twice. The only ways to fix this bug are to restart to Rebirth 1 or follow the instructions in this post.
  • In the v1.31 update, the second time you spare the Iron Hunter, he gives you Torrens Legacy and 1000-5000 gold. The next time you check your inventory, you have Torren's Legacy equipped, but still have the option to buy it. At this point you can't equip any gems, and if you unequip Torren's Legacy, you lose the weapon.


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