The Training Golem is a special enemy added in the Blade Masters update in Infinity Blade III.

It allows inexperienced players to train before playing through the storyline. It cannot be killed, and in turn it cannot kill Siris or Isa either. When the health of either drops to 0, both will be automatically revived to full health.

While training, the player can switch characters by tapping the top menu icon. This displays its current attack speed, chain, attacks enabled, and your current weapon's bonus combo. In order to change weapons or exit the menu, press the little arrow in the top left of the menu screen.

Its attack speed and chain length can be increased (up to 10). The player can also choose what kind of attack the golem performs. If the advanced attack option is turned on, then it can use arm swings and bashes which cannot be parried (the double arm smash cannot be blocked with a Light weapon equipped either). If no attack options are turned on, it will automatically only use vertical attacks. If the attack chain is set to 0, it will not attack.

Trivia Edit

  • The Training Golem has no fury chains, only standard attacks.
  • The Training Golem's titan class is completely unique; there are no other enemies like it.


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