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Triangle gems or combat gems are used to either damage the enemy or grant the player with a bonus when a certain action is performed. They can be purchased in the store, dropped by titans, or found in chests/prize wheels.

Triangle GemsEdit

Combat tgem - Combat Damage Titan Gem

Description Max Value 
On Block Damage Titan x 625
On Parry Damage Titan x 1000
On Perfect Block Damage Titan x 1000
On Perfect Parry Damage Titan x 6250

Health tgem - Combat Health Gem

Description Max Value 
On Block Get x Health 375
On Combo Get x Health 250
On Scratch Get x Health 375
On Parry Get x Health 375
On Perfect Block Get x Health 500
On Perfect Parry Get x Health 3125 
On Hit Get x Health 250

Shield tgem - Combat Shield Gem

Description: On Combo Get x Shield. Max Value: 25 

Gold tgem - Combat Gold Gem

Description: On Scratch Get x Gold. Max Value: 125 

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