Warning: Spoilers/plot details follow.

Uriel was the father of Raidriar, whose birth-name was Jori, and a risk-assessment analyst who worked for a corporate businessman known as Mr. Galath in his multilevel company. He is bothered by a marketer working at the company, Adram, who insisted he make the company's Project Omega sound safe to the executives. He discovered that Mr. Galath was funding the construction of bunkers all over the world, where fellow employee chosen to become Deathless could store their advanced technology they will use to exploit the future primitive people. During a meeting with the executives, Uriel presents that Project Omega is not safe, but Adram rebuttles, and is chosen by Mr. Galath to join his Deathless program, leaving Uriel in dismay. Uriel later discovered that Adram was having an affair with his wife; he killed him, but not before Adram ran Jori over with his car. Uriel, knowing that Mr. Galath could make Deathless, brought his body over to him, and Mr. Galath and his scientists used their advanced knowledge of the Q.I.P. to revive Jori. When Jori awakes from his revival, Uriel tells his son to take away 'Their guns and their bombs. They don't deserve what they've been given.' It is unknown what happened to Uriel, though he is presumed to be later captured by police for his murder of Adram.

Trivia Edit

  • It is shown in Infinity Blade: Redemption that Raidriar declined Galath's offer to join him because of his father's words "Be a king son. Be a king."
  • He is named after the archangel Uriel from Christianity and Judaism, likely because he was one of the only people who cared for what effects Project Omega would have on the world.

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