Scioris is the creator of the Inifnity Blade world. He is the supreme being and ultimate power. In the first era he created the mortals. The mortals did not please him so he created the deathless to rule over them. And to rule the deathless he created the High Deathless a council of three deathless to be more powerful then the others, the High Deathless inculde Siris, Thane, and The Worker of Secrets.


To interact with the world he created, he ordered The Worker of Secrets to forge "The Infinity Blade" into which he poured his power. He gave the sword to Siris, but with it, Siris was consumed with power and became a tyrant. Scioris than went to Radriar, a mortal, and ordered him to destroy Siris. He did so on the plains of Koroth and upon Siris' defeat, Scioris rewarded Radriar by making him a deathless and giving him the title "The God King." He also gave him the Inifnity Blade, but like Siris, he soon became obsessed with power as well. Scioris also ordered the worker of secrets to wipe Siris' memory in hopes he would lead a better life. When siris learned about this, he trapped the worker in the vault of tears, but the worker still managed to wipe his memory.

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