My fellow warriors, we have seen books and games come and go but this is just the start. We have only touched the surface. You may not know me, nor do I know you, but Im here to get the facts and bust the myths. Now since this is my first post, Im not going to go super in depth with stuff. BUT, I do want to point out some stuff. Im gonna touch on a point WAY back in infinity blade one. Now I've beaten that game say...10 times now. Now anyone whos stuck around for the credits sees the thing come out of the ceiling, and show the planet. Now we can only assume this is where we live. But what planet is it? Well, I think its earth. Now dont write me off just yet, there is proff. Look at the planet. It seems like there are contniets kinda like ares...hint hint? And look at the world. Its shaped just like ares. And in the second book they talk like there on earth. Now I could go on and on but I'll stop and keep this short. Just chew on that and I'll see you next week with another theroy. Who knows? Maybe I can explain the negitive blood lines, or why the infinity needs YOUR blood, but will leave that there. Until then, your freind, ArcAngel115

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