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  • BlackHawk2102

    Dragoor glitch

    March 29, 2015 by BlackHawk2102

    Hello there, Im a newbie as an IB Wikia member, and wanted to blog a very strange glitch that involves Dragoor, explaining it while wondring if Im the only one who saw this anomaly.

    I was enough advaned to occasionally see Dragoor in the game.So,After lowering Dragoors life in order for starting the dragons interlude, I went to the mission and proceeded to kill the dragon. After doing so, I was facing the treasure chamber, but went once to the Wiki to search information regarding this. And exiting the game started it. Back at IB 3, after some time loading, I discovered to my surprise that i wasnt on the chamber anymore. I was on what I believe the first place of the interlude. But the dragon was gone. After touching the empty tap circle (to…

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