The creation of this page is solely meant for helping you get through the Infinity Blade 2 game. This comes from an expert who know a lot about this game and it's functions. This page should answer most of your questions and if it does not, contact admin Crazywarfire for more help or writing it down in the comments section. You should also be aware that this page contains little to no spoilers. this page will update regularly due to time constraints.

Starting out/The basics

The beginning of the game gives you a very basic tutorial about how to play. You should be able to fly through this part as almost everything is provided for you. Once this part is finished you will lose everything and have to start over with the worst armor and weapons. I strongly recommend that you look very carefully at your surroundings for gold, health potions, and/or keys to unlock certain chest. (More on that later in this page.)

Character customization

In the first Infinity Blade, you had a very wide variety of weapons, armor, helmets, rings and shields to customize your character with. In this game however, you are playing as one person instead if the son of some guy who died and just happened to give their son their armor and weapons after death. (You learn about that in the story.) So at first you will notice you can change the name of your character but your name you chose does not reflect it in actual dialogue and you are still known as Siris in the game. You have much more customization options and you have different sets of armor. You may also chose to have a different fighting style instead of simple sword and shield. (More on those in he next section.)

Fighting styles

There are three known styles, regular sword and shield, dual wielding, and heavy weapons. I personally prefer the first two but it doesn't matter. If you have played the first game, then there is nothing else you really need to know about sword and shield style. Dual wielding is something that takes little time to master. The shield is replaced by a duck button and everything else is normal albeit the combo system which allows you to do even more heavy attacks. Be warned, dual wielding weapons trades damage for speed. I have had problems with heavy weapons and I don't tend to use them unless I am doing a hard clash mob. This trades speed for excessive amounts of damage. You may even notice some of the heavy weapons having more damage then the Infnity Blade itself. Stabbing is replaced by a huge powerful slash that depends how well you preform your combo and blocking is much different. For example, if you were to dodge right to evade a right attack, you would have to block right to block a right attack. This does take some practice. Something I find really interesting, (This probably doesn't have much to do with the actually section itself.) is if you use dual wield, you appear to be ambidextrous however, in the curt screens you are simply right handed.

(More coming soon.)

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