• DarkMechXO7

    The Truth.

    June 6, 2011 by DarkMechXO7

    The Death Knight? Peace of Cake. The God King? Challenging... Zero Mech? An enemy that Perhaps wasn't MEANT to be defeated. But, you see, you don't know the truth behind why they always come back after each Bloodline...

    Do you understand how Zero Mech has Statis Tubes with God King Clones? He can clone anything he wants to. ANYTHING. He has been the Blood Traitor, through all of those years. The Death Knight didn't kill The Original Ancestor. The God King let him live as one of the Deathless, on the Condition that he work for him as long as he Lives. And The Blood Traitor did exactly that. When the God King said "Your Progeny will serve me Well", he meant that he wanted the Progeny to be Cloned with DNA alterizations. That is why the Eneā€¦ Read more >