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  • Darkling Ausar

    Hello Infinity Fans. I would like to ask you for help. I created a wikia named Infinity Blade Salvation Wikia. The address is . I would like u guys to create some characters, similar to the ones from IB Fanon Wiki!! But do not use the exact characters from that wiki. It would be like copyright-breaking right? But u can use your own characters! If you help, I would be really happy!!

    Sincerely, Mariana (Darkling Ausar) 

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  • Darkling Ausar

    My name is Mariana, and I am new to Infinity Blade Wiki. Anyone can comment on my blog post, what you have to comment is some help for IB3. For example, how to beat the collector easily, how to find Ryth, etc.

    Thank you.

    With lots of respect to IB Wiki, Mariana.

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