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    You can hardly read anything.

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    July 19, 2012 by Dzylon

    Any guide can be in the main namespace as long as Template:Guide is present at the top of the article. Guides cannot be "mixed" with canon articles.

    • Pros: Unregistered users (like Silversabeast) can have guides on the wiki. If the creator wishes, guides can be edited by other users.
    • Cons: Subjective info can be found in the same place as objective canon info. This may get out of hand as more and more guides are created. Several guides on the same subject might be present, and some guides may be low quality or outright false.

    Blogs must be in the user blog namespace. Template:Guide must also be present to prevent confusion.

    • Pros: Subjective info and objective canon info are totally isolated. There is no chance of low-quality or incorrect conten…

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    Key Guide

    June 5, 2012 by Dzylon

    This guide aims to show where every key in the game can be found. The listing is currently incomplete. Keys are generated randomly. Some of these keys may appear in a Rebirth, while others will not.

    Note: Click on an image to enlarge it.

    Image Description
    A small or medium key can sometimes be found to the immediate left of Thane's chair.
    You can purchase the Key Treasure Map in the shop, which unlocks the ability to tap the iron cross on the structure at the top of the tower, to the immediate right of the entrance. Either a small, medium, or large key can be obtained on three separate occasions:
    1. First Thane encounter.
    2. Random enemy encounter afterwards.
    3. Second Thane encounter.

    Image Description
    This key is found in the first scene encountered in…

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