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  • FusionFall123

    Hello, Editors!

    February 11, 2012 by FusionFall123

    Here ye, here ye! (I always wanted to say that :DDDDDDDDDD)

    I, your friendly neighborhood Fusion, am weak now because I can't edit everything.

    So, to everyone, I made a blog to help you on how to edit a page.

    Every page has to have a bold text in the starting.

    John is a boy who lives in Fusiontopia. He is a character of the series FusionFallisAwesome

    Note: Some pages hae different ones. Sometimes, you have to put bold text in the second or third word.

    Fourteen Years Old John is the main character of FusionFallisAwesome.

    Every page has to have one. As you can see, I tried to add all, but I can't findd all the information.

    If you want to create an infobox for a character, here is an example:


    Make categories that are already here. If there isn't, create…

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  • FusionFall123

    Okay. As you can see, the expanded wiki navigation has been updated to its 'cooler' version.

    Also, the editing thingy-majiger has been updated, too.

    Now, there are some that I want to add, but I have to have your opinion.

    • Badges (If you edit alot, you get achievements);
    • Chat (You can talk to ANYONE with chat);
    • Comments. (Want comments to be back? Then promise NOT to vanadlise.)

    What do you say?

    ]] 19:41, December 24, 2011 (UTC)

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  • FusionFall123

    Listen Up, Members!

    December 21, 2011 by FusionFall123

    Okay. The staff members told us that if someone wants to be an admin, you come here to this blog.

    Me and Sam have been disscussing about this for three days. The wiki gave us one week to find users who want to be an admin. So far, only me and Sam signed up. We need more.

    Okay, so, who wants to be an admin?

    You can nominate someone or you CAN nominate yourself, but you have to have these following characteristics:

    • Good grammar;
    • Never cursing, swearing, or saying bad words.
    • Have an edit of atleast 20+;
    • You must edit pages;
    • You must be very active;
    • You must be kind;
    • You must not be corrupted;
    • And you must not be so... "Hey. You have vandalised! You get banned!" Okay? Give them warnings. But if it's an IP (Anonymus person), then ban him/her immediatley.


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  • FusionFall123

    Well, for me, I defeated the God King on level 15 or 17.

    How about you? How long did it take you to beat him?

    FIUOSN Talk to me 05:21, December 17, 2011 (UTC)

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