Here ye, here ye! (I always wanted to say that :DDDDDDDDDD)

I, your friendly neighborhood Fusion, am weak now because I can't edit everything.

So, to everyone, I made a blog to help you on how to edit a page.

Starting of the Text

Every page has to have a bold text in the starting.


John's Page

John is a boy who lives in Fusiontopia. He is a character of the series FusionFallisAwesome

Note: Some pages hae different ones. Sometimes, you have to put bold text in the second or third word.


John's Page

Fourteen Years Old John is the main character of FusionFallisAwesome.

Infoboxes for Characters

Every page has to have one. As you can see, I tried to add all, but I can't findd all the information.


If you want to create an infobox for a character, here is an example:

FusionFall123/Hello, Editors!
{{{1title}}} No information


Make categories that are already here. If there isn't, create it. A category isn't supposed to have a long name.

If you have to create a category...

If you do need to create one, then it has to be, like, two words or so.


  • Dead Characters
  • Swords
  • Weapons
  • Shields
  • Helms
  • Suits
  • Hidden Materials
  • Updates


I wanted to create a Version History for IB so that they would know how it all started, but I lost several informations...


Yes, this is to all editors. I know you admins and editors have been working more harder than me, but I have been sick, so yeah. But I'm still trying to edit all.

The point of this is to make this wiki uniformed. We can't have disimillar pages here. We also have to stop the vandalisers...

--Fusion 09:29, February 11, 2012 (UTC)

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