Very soon, blogs will be permanently disabled. Their intended purpose is to write formal but opinionated articles which don't quite qualify for the creation of a standard article. Such may include strategy guides, elaborated article content, plot theories etc. However, most of the time they are used to make statements or ask questions which could simply be done on message walls, comment sections or on the forum. Seeing that trying to enforce the correct usage would be rather difficult, it's been decided it would simply be easier to disable them completely, and for any of the purposes mentioned above to use blogs, you may use the forum accordingly.

Other things I will point out, is that when I say disabled, that only means completely hidden and inaccessible. Nothing is lost, but I'd recommend if you want to hold on to some of the blog content, you copy it out and move it somewhere appropriate. With that in mind, blogs can be reenabled, but the only time this will be happening (and will not go announced) is during housekeeping work I may be doing from time to time.

The last thing are those blog badges. I don't know why Wikia made them, but you will not be able to attain them once the blogs are gone. So, as a treat for simply being here, feel free to post enough times on this blog post until you earn the 10 blog comments badge. Do not post obvious spam, just regular comments.

Within the next couple of days, it's all gone!

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