As you may know, the Infinity Blade Wiki is going though some interesting times at the moment. The wiki has forked, with a new version being created on off-Wikia with the same content as here. It's something that happens with freely-licensed wikis at times, and it's always an important event in a wiki's history.

But first, an apology. As you probably saw from edits here, we saw this had happened and started to make changes to allow the wiki to move on. But I didn't get back here to write this post for far too long. I don't mean to neglect this wiki, and will make myself more available from now on.

It seems the most important first step is to make sure that those who have left are fully aware of what is and isn't allowed after forking.

The basics of these limits are that the Wikia version will remain open, and available for anyone who chooses to use it - whether that's existing or future users. Because of this we do not allow the Wikia version to be used to advertise the new version. That means we do not allow notices or links pointing to the new version from here, or for those that have moved to return to try to persuade new or existing users to move with them.

We also do not allow this wiki to be changed or diminished in any way by those who have left. I'm sure you were not intending this anyway, but it's better to be blunt now and reduce misunderstandings. So we ask that you do not try to delete pages, change fundamental elements of the site, or otherwise damage the wiki. This wiki should be left intact and available for future editors to use

In the past, we have had problems with admins moving to a new fork, but also staying and trying to influence the direction of the wiki they have left. We haven't removed rights from departing admins, unless they have tried to harm the wiki or use it to promote their own, but there can be a serious conflict of interest in trying to control what will become two competing wikis. Because of these problems, I ask that those who have chosen to leave show this by removing their admin rights. This will make it clearer to any future editors who to contact if they need help (staff will be available for that until new admins are found).

We have seen several forks on Wikia over the years, and one thing we have learned is that wikis can and do recover. We want to help anyone who chooses to be part of that recovery, and definitely look forward to this wiki's future.

Thanks all,

-- sannse

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