The Elevator Grind


Grinding (verb) : a term used in video gaming to describe the process of engaging in repetitive and/or non-entertaining gameplay in order to gain access to other features within the game, or to allow the player to "grind" better/faster.[1]


There are several notable ways to grind experience, such as simply playing through the game, or loop grinding.

Loop Grind 1

When you get to the second-to-last room in the castle (where you're standing in a circular room, with a large pit in the center), you have the option of participating in a loop; clicking the center of the pit will cause a large enemy to come down on a elevator. Once you defeat this enemy, you will be closer to the edge of this pit, looking slightly down. Here you have three choices; open the chest, go down into the pit, or go up the elevator. Open the chest, then choose to go down into the pit. You'll come to an area with a small grey, almost obelisk structure in the center of the room, with many doors surrounding it. Clicking on the obelisk will cause the character to walk up to it. If you have the Infinity Blade, it will act as a key and unlock all the doors in the room; if not, the character will turn around. You'll want to select the option to go back up the stairs, and an enemy will drop down once you do so, blocking your upward progress. Defeating that enemy will cause you to return to the first step of this loop; from here, you can click the pit, causing a new large enemy on the elevator to come down again. Defeating this will open up the option to go back down into the pit. Simply rinsing and repeating will yield large amounts of experience, but can get tedious.

Loop Grind 2

An alternate way (and a less annoying way, in some people's opinions) to loop grind is to choose the option to go up the elevator once you've defeated the larger enemy. Doing so will bring you face-to-face with the Dark Knight, the enemy before the God-King. If you lose to him intentionally, you will be given the option to 'Save and Restart Castle.' Choosing this will cause you to go back to the start of the castle, but all of the experience, gold, items, or potions you acquired on the last trip will still be with you. Simply repeating this process over and over can be very rewarding in terms of experience and gold.

Exceptions / Notes

  • If you have the Infinity Blade, doing the first grinding method will take significantly longer because of the animations of the doors opening. As such, the second loop is highly recommended.


From the start of making a new playable character, the player should start fighting enemies as quickly as possible, fast forwarding through the in-between time to reduce the downtime. Save up 10400g, and the player can buy the Legion helm; it gives both +6 to Shield and Gold+++, making it a staple in gold grinding.



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