Weapon-specific combos are a special type of combo that are unlocked after acquiring the skill "Weapon Custom Combos." This skill is unlocked separately for Siris and Isa.

At levels 1 and 2, weapons have a 3 movement combo, 4 movements at levels 3 and 4, and 5 moves at the maximum level of 5.


Weapon Combo Type
Willok LeftDown LeftUp Right Light
Starsh LeftUp LeftDown Up Light
Kurganic LeftDown RightUp Left Light
Marrow LeftDown Right Left Light
Ruene RightDown Right Left Light
Xwiss Left Left Right Light
Flak LeftUp Right Right Light
Pharoe LeftUp LeftUp Down Light
Bone Saw LeftUp Down Left Light
XIV LeftUp Left Up Light
Integrite Left Down Left Down    Light
Grayson Left Up Right Up Light
Obsidian RightUp LeftDown Down Left Light
The Ancient RightUp Up Up Left Light
Decay Down Left Right Left Light
Saphirine Down Down Left LeftDown Left Light
Ribbon Light
The Infinity Blade Left Right Left Right Right Light
Frostbite Down Up Right LeftDown Right Light
Solar-Trans LX LeftDown RightUp Left LeftUp LeftUp Light
???? Light
???? Light
Herringbone Down Left Right Heavy
Iron Axe Right Down Left  Heavy
Imagine Dragon Right Up Right Heavy
Pheonix Right Down Left Heavy
Bramble Up Right Left Heavy
Scalpel Right Up Right Heavy
The Infinity Cleaver Left Down Right Heavy
Stump Maker Down Up Right Heavy
Reaper Left Up Right Heavy
Tetrach Up Right Up Heavy
Raptor LeftUp Right Left Heavy
Kudgel Down Up Left Up Heavy
Molnaar Right Down Right Left Heavy
Mortar Down Up Down Left Heavy
Halfstar Up Left Up Right Heavy
Equator Heavy
Pythonic Heavy
Pressure Down Up Right Down Down Heavy
Rift Down Left Right Left Left Heavy
The Vile Mase Right Down Left Up Heavy
???? Heavy
???? Heavy
Chisel - Dual
Jack Jaw LeftDown Down Left Dual
Gemini LeftDown Left Down Dual
Skinner Down Left Up Dual
Steel Hatchet Right Left Right Dual
Deeg RightDown Left Up Dual
Berator Left LeftDown Down Dual
Skullcrusher LeftDown Left Down Dual
Trench Up RightDown Down Dual
Sinkhook Right Left Up LeftUp Dual
Needle Down RightUp Left Left Dual
Tunnep Down Left Up RightDown Dual
Hess LeftDown Right Up LeftDown Dual
Virgil Down Left Up Down Dual
Poison Scythe Dual
Lampblack Dual
Keldrew LeftDown Left Left Left Right Dual
Dratsum Dual
???? Dual
???? Dual
???? Dual


Weapon Combo Type
Illorium LeftDown RightDown Right Light
Royal Katana RightDown Left Left Light
Ra'ul Left RightUp Left Light
Javel Left RightDown Left Light
Odnal Left RightDown Right Light
Slicer Down Right Up Light
Rubitas LeftUp Up Left Light
Forebear RightDown LeftUp Left Light
Frigid Up Left Up Light
Ruin Up RightUp Left Light
Halogen Up LeftDown Left Right Light
Unfaithful LeftDown LeftDown Up LeftUp Light
Barrinov Down Right Down LeftUp Light
Iron Claw Up Down Down Up Light
Arual Light
Silver Light
Nahte Up RightDown Down LeftUp LeftUp Light
Moulbage Down Right Left LeftUp Up Light
???? Light
???? Light
Yeoh Up Right Up Heavy
Double Mace Down Up Down Heavy
Ziyi Down Left Up Heavy
Punisher Up Right Down Heavy
Switch Up Right Up Heavy
Raam Right Down Left Heavy
Aquila Down Left Up Heavy
Thresher Right Down Up Heavy
Daina Down Right Down Heavy
The Infinity Spear Down Left Up Heavy
Cobra Right Down Left Heavy
Phelanger Left Right Down Left Heavy
Spindle Down Up Right Down Heavy
Forge Left Down Left Right Heavy
Poker Heavy
Dias Up Down Right Up Heavy
Entrapment Heavy
Mace Heavy
The Master Stick Heavy
Mullinax Right Down Left Up Down Heavy
???? Heavy
Phlege - Dual
Equinox LeftDown Down Left Dual
Shiv LeftDown LeftDown Right Dual
Riisling LeftDown LeftDown Right Dual
Daybreaker RightUp Left Right Dual
Duster LeftDown LeftUp Right Dual
Snikt LeftUp Left Left Dual
Incubus LeftDown  RightDown Up LeftUp Dual
Shard LeftDown LeftDown Right LeftDown Dual
Taleth LeftDown LeftDown Down Left Dual
Scorne RightUp Up Down Left Dual
Cuttle LeftDown LeftDown Down RightDown Dual
The Infinty Daggers LeftDown RightDown Left RightUp Right Dual
Dice Dual
Sinestra LeftDown LeftDown Left RightDown Right Dual
Santone LeftUp Up Right RightDown LeftDown Dual
???? Dual
???? Dual
???? Dual
???? Dual

Trivia Edit

Performing weapon-specific combos while a Light-class weapon is under the Continue Combo effect from "On 5-Hit Combo, Continue Combo" gems will deactivate the effect, without performing the weapon's own combo.

Certain weapons have weapon-specific combos that can be exploited to achieve multiple bonus combos using less of the sequential moves than is normally required. This is because the combo mechanic "remembers" the direction of the hit and preserves that hit in memory as progressing towards performing the combo.

  • For example, a Left-Left-Right-Left-Left bonus combo sequence can be performed again simply by swiping Right-Left-Left immediately after having performed the same combo.
  • The LeftUp and LeftDown moves can also be used in place of Left moves, and RightUp and RightDown moves in place for Right moves. This, too allows exploitation of certain bonus combo sequences to execute subsequent bonus combos using less moves.
  • For example, Grayson's five-hit bonus combo of Left-Up-RightUp-Up-LeftDown can skip out on Left by performing the full bonus combo first, then only swiping Up-RightUp-Up-LeftDown to achieve the same bonus combo, and can be repeatedly used until you stop attacking or start swiping in a wrong direction, breaking the combo sequence.

Without upgrades, the Snikt, a Dual weapon for Isa can consistently land bonus combos after it is completed by swiping LeftUp-LeftUp-LeftUp to trigger it first, and then keep swiping LeftUp afterwards.

Bonus Combo Length -1 gem can also be used to achieve (near)continuous bonus combo on certain weapons. For instance, Infinity Blade/Edge's L-R-L-R-R bonus combo can be converted into L-R-L-R, which deals a bonus combo on every other hit after activation.

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