There are three weapon classes in Infinity Blade II, each with strengths and weaknesses. Visit an individual weapon class page for extensive information on that class.

Light weaponsEdit

  • Allow the use of shields, providing omni-directional blocking against light to medium titan attacks, but not heavy ones.
  • Allow you to dodge left and right.
  • Have average speed.
  • Have average damage.
  • Allow for the most varied combo types out of the three weapon classes.

Note: Light weapons are the only form of combat available to you in Infinity Blade I. Some weapons, like Kraken and Forge, are used as Heavy weapons in IB2. Some other ones, like Silver and Bobi, are Dual weapons in IB2.

Heavy weaponsEdit

  • Disables dodging and enables directional blocking (uses shield stat).
  • Are slow.
  • Deal high damage, usually three times that of a Light weapon.
  • Use simplistic combo variants; bonus combos for heavy weapons in Infinity Blade III do not direct the player to swing diagonally.

Dual weaponsEdit

  • Disable the use of shields, but allow for a Duck for Siris, and a Jump for Isa.
  • Are faster.
  • Deal low damage, usually 75% that of a Light weapon.
  • Use multiple combos in one chain, offsetting the low initial damage.


Isa, in Infinity Blade III, also has three weapon classes. They are, just like for Siris, Light, Dual, and Heavy. In addition, she fires a crossbow at the Titan just before the fight starts, dealing some damage.


Isa's light weapons are two-handed swords, akin to what the Exo-Pilot, Ryth, and Plated Guard use.


Isa's dual weapons are knives, daggers or knuckle-like weapons.


Isa's heavy weapons are two-handed staffs or spears.

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