Wretches are monstrosities found in Infinity Blade II and Infinity Blade III. There are four types of Wretches, the Wretch, Pierced Wretch, Plated Wretch and Iron Wretch

Overview Edit

Wretch Edit

Wretch is the basic form of all the Wretches, which has no armor on its body.

Plated Wretch Edit

Plated Wretch is a Wretch, which is equipped with armor plates on its face, back and chest.

Pierced Wretch Edit

The Pierced Wretch is a Wretch which is equipped with armor with spikes and thorns on its back and chest. It has a horn on its head.

Iron Wretch Edit

Iron Wretch is a Wretch which is equipped with an armor made of thorns and iron. Like the Pierced one, it has a horn on its head too.

Notes for battling the Wretches and monstrosities Edit

  • When fighting monstrosities, a light weapon with a shield which has a lot of shield points is recommended because you can easily block the attacks. A large health regen potion is recommended if the monstrosities' levels are too high.
Iron Wretch                                  Pierced Wretch                                   Plated Wretch

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