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X-SC2 is a high-end weapon found in Infinity Blade I. It is wielded by Zero Mech. It can be purchased for Gp-icon.png 2,490,000, but can only be bought in NewGame+ or the negative bloodlines. It adds 195 points to the attack stat and adds 250 to the Drain element, making it the most powerful Drain-element weapon in the game. It takes 65,100 XP to master.

There is a dark version of X-SC2 called the Dark X-SC2.


The X-SC2 is the 6th strongest light sword in the game (after Nahte, Ra'ul, the Infinity Blade, the Vile Blade (if you count the Dark Bonus), and the Dragoor Blade (if you count the Fire Bonus). It is available in the store for Gp-icon.png 380,000. It has a square gem slot. It is a locked item and can be obtained in New Game+ like Infinity Blade I.


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