Type Large enemy
Subtype Nocs
Drops Talon
Weapon Dual Widow Shrieks
Found in Infinity Blade II

Xyloto is a large enemy found in the skycages of Infinity Blade II. He is contained in the cell farthest to the right of the room. When released, Xyloto immediately engages Siris in battle. The player must equip the Widow Shriek to be able to open the skycage. Xyloto equips two Widow Shrieks as dual weapons. He is the only enemy that wields the same weapon that must be equipped by the player to fight him, other than Ryth. Once Xyloto is defeated, the player will receive Talon.

One of the fury chains Xyloto uses is a cartwheel attack from Kuero which is an omni-directional attack first starting from the center, then to the player's right and finally their left. The quadruple-hit portion of the fury attack is split between legs and weapons. The legs attack vertically but the weapons attack horizontally to the player's right. As you are forced to fight Xyloto with a Heavy Weapon which can only block one direction at a time, it is recommended to have a charged Super or Magic Meter, or exceptional hand-eye dexterity so you end up blocking left immediately after blocking center.

The other two fury chains he has are entirely vertical recycles from the Plated Sorok and the Horned Witch.

He is sometimes referred to as a High Noc in ClashMobs. Whether this is because he is indeed a Noc and able to learn language that separates him from Rust, Rabid, Petrified, Zealot, Twisted, and Eyeless Nocs is up to interpretation. He also appears to wear a similar helm from Rust and Petrified Nocs. When Siris frees him, he believes the latter to be affiliated with his captors, and attacks him.


  • It is possible that Xyloto may be Deathless.


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